Grant Services
Decision Dynamics, LLC.

If you’ve been tearing your hair out, trying to take care of our own grant writing, funding or nonprofit  setup, we can help! Decision Dynamics specializes in working on grant programs for nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations,university programs, city and county projects, and innovative business ventures including SBIR/STTR, IUCRP, NIST-ATP, PIER, and CalTIP.

Our grants team will help your firm gain competitive edge by providing grant and contract expertise and developing proposals that meet the needs and requirements of the funding agency, RFP and /or Solicitation. We take the worry out of your project and do the work for you!

          Our grant writing services include:

Grant/contract writing and proposal development

Brainstorming ideas and workable solutions

Developing grant proposal, based on an RFP or Solicitation

Preparing application materials

Submitting/Re-submitting proposals

Proofreading, editing, formatting and revising existing proposals

Proofreading, editing, formatting and revising proposals

Editing of previously submitted proposals



Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations can handle the writing of your grant proposal and the research of grant money and funding for your project! We've been doing two things and doing them well; writing grant proposals and searching for grant money! It's what we do. We'd be happy to work for you.

Our Grant Writing Services department has direct access to over150 different government agencies who can tell us when, where, why and how to apply for their grants! We can show you where and how to get specific grant program information, in order to obtain Philanthropic grant money, Federal grant funding and government grant money! Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations is the expert when it comes to locating alternative grant programs that are hard to find, for most people!

Learn how to keep from getting left behind and make sure you get your "cut" of the Federal grant funding pie... Let Decision Dynamics take care of the funding war by managing the battles for you, so you can concentrate on what it is that you do meeting with VIP's, managing and organizing your project!